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Write few paragraphs explaining Islamic art to newbies.

Please write few paragraph explaining Islamic art to newbies, you need to read about 7 articles, each of them is not long, please make sure read all of them and give the explaining. Make sure you have your own opinions, do not appear extreme language, use simple words and good grammar.


In this module you’ll be exposed to what we might call the basics of Islamic art: you’ll know something about the religious doctrine and practice, the early history of Islam and the important historical figures. You’ll also be exposed to a number of monuments produced by the early dynasties of Islam.

Your discussion question is this: based on what you know about Islamic art so far, how would you respond to someone who knows nothing about Islamic art and has had little exposure to art history in general who asks you, as a trusted friend, “What is the nature of early Islamic art? Or to put it more bluntly, why does early Islamic art look the way it does?”

In your responses you can use what you’ve already learned and read, of course, but try to think about the bigger picture as well: how does one explain the formation of a visual culture to someone who knows nothing about that culture?

As a guideline for your responses, be sure to read the “Instructions for Discussion” section of this module. Your discussion responses will be graded on the quality and depth of what you have to say as well as how you present what you have to say.


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