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Write an analysis of The Hunger Games.

Paper #2 The Hunger Games

Write an analysis of The Hunger Games discussing the readings we have done so far in

this class and themes such as “intersubjectivity,” “alienation, internalized oppression, or

other elements related to sense perception and the idea of the spectacle. . I also expect

you to draw from a few of the other articles and texts used by this course such as those by

Žižek, Buck-Morss, Ong, Lacan, Foucault, Oksiloff, and Baudrillard

To write these analyses, you should consult the “Critical Strategies for Reading” (1533),

“Reading and Writing” (1557), and “Writing about Fiction” (47) sections on Blackboard.

Your analysis should be held together by one, central argumentative thesis. Your paper

should have the following characteristics. 1) It should be an analysis. In other words, it

should relate parts of the work to a concept that describes all of the work. It should

concentrate on just one main idea. 2) It should have unity and coherence. This means

that every paragraph refers back to a central thesis and every sentence of each paragraph

refers back to the topic of the paragraph. Your thesis should contain both a “topic” and a

controlling idea — an assertion about your topic that you plan to support with evidence.

3) It should have an introduction that presents the thesis and summarizes the direction of

the argument and it should have a conclusion that places your thesis in perspective. 4) It

should use examples from the text to support its argument. Please try to avoid shifting

verb tenses. This may be remedied by writing the entire paper in present tense. Although

you may not decided to write this paper, you must choose at least one person in your

group to write a paper on White Noise. On the day of the workshop, the person (or

people) who chose to write this paper must bring one copy of it for each member of the


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