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Write about the Miami Florida Retirement Property .

Please use the first three pages to write about the Miami Florida Retirement Property and the last page to write about the memo. ######The requirement is to read the e-mail asking you to review several properties and run a risk assessment for a high-end real estate purchaser.

Given how much money the client is willing to spend, your memo should contain reliable and strong evidence of whether or not the proposed Miami properties will lose value.

You need to explain why, referring to the best science we currently have available. I would expect you to consult at least six (6) scholarly sources (and try Googling that National Geographic article as a baseline introduction to the problem).

In addition to the risk assessment, you are likely to find out that homeowner’s insurance can cost more than a mortgage in Miami. This is something that you will want to explore and write up for the client. ##### Here is the email: Welcome to Scott R. John Real Estate. We are pleased that you have joined us as a summer intern.

Here at Scott R. John, we are committed to serving our clients emotional and financial needs by giving honest advice about the purchase of their new home. We have a reputation for integrity and honesty that sets us apart from other real estate companies that are looking to make a quick sale.

For your first task, I would like you to review several properties at The Moorings in Miami for our client, Mrs. Selma Rogers.


She desires to purchase a waterfront property. Her upper budget limit is $6 million, and she desires three bathrooms and four – five bedrooms. She also would like a swimming pool, if possible, or a dock for a boat and hardwood floors. She prefers a more traditional style home to modern design.

In National Geographic, I recently read that sea levels are rising and that Florida will be effected. I want you to do some research into this and let me know if you think that the property could lose value. Mrs. Rogers came to us because of our reputation for telling the truth. It is of the utmost importance to her that when she dies, her children have a piece of property that is worth at least as much, and preferably more, than what she paid for it.

If it turns out that you think the Miami properties are a risky investment, look over the following other listings and see if there is another one you could recommend to Mrs. Rogers, one that might meet her desires:

http://www.washingtonwaterfronts.com/lake-washington-real-estate.php Please use the 2 links provided as sources. Sources from other links are also welcome.


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