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Write a literature review paper on a service management/ marketing topic of your choosing.

Require to write a literature review paper on a service management/ marketing topic of your choosing. Preferably the topic should address an issue currently confronted by your organization. You are free choose your topic but my suggestion is to write about something involve with event planning. Because I am working as manager at an event planning company which serve as a one stop shop that offer everything from fresh flowers, wedding cake, handmade wedding favors, ceiling, backdrops, drapering, tables, chairs, linens, lightings, and corporate with all different vendors ( wedding coordinators, entertainments, catering, photographers, make up, and venues). Hopefully a brief introduction of our company to help you getting an idea of any current issues with the industry.

Now I need the first part only, then 12 pages on the next paper. So I will assign you again on the next writting.

The first part is including the topic and a brief description of the subject You wish to review along with a reference list of the articles you will review.

The list of referencs is to be written in APA formatting (absolutely no exception). Now you can search for at least 10 academic journal articles (peer-reviewed) which you will use for the next writing.

Standard for written work:

– microsolf word document

– 12 oint fonr (Times or Times New Roman)

-Double space

-Left justified

-No direct quotation (restate in your own words)

-APA formatting for all written work

-Typed on 8 1/2 x 11 inch

-Headings and sub-heading used to help organizer paper

-Introduction with thesis sentence – a roadmap that lets the reader know what your paper is about

-Conclusion that summarizes or wraps up the paper – it reminds the reader that your paper was about

Type of paper Academic level Subject area
Number of pages Paper urgency Cost per page:

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