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Life is an asset towards personal satisfaction happiness. DISCUSS.

Life is an asset towards personal satisfaction happiness. Maintaining a quality life requires a lot of concentration through self-care coaching. The elements of a flourishing life are geared towards complement a life of totality. Scholars argue that a prosperous life is not an o itself but a continuous situation of personal gratification. To reach the epitome of the desired life, one has to ensure that they attain Health, economic and social stability.
Avoiding chronic illnesses
Most diseases can be avoided through practicing nutritional transition. Top face one such chronic illness like the cardiac arrest, I would eat foods with low fat content. This I would practice for a period of time (Kimsey, 2011). Observing the level of fat intake especially those fats with high level of cholesterol reduces the risk of the illness significantly. Besides food I would do a lot of exercises to ensure that most of the unutilized fat content has been burnt to release energy. In addition to this, maintaining a good social life with the environment adds positively to achieving a whole life full of happiness. Chronic diseases are mostly brought about by living styles. Therefore, a change and / or an improvement of the standards of lifestyle will automatically led to avoidance of the aforementioned chronic diseases. Health stability Balanced diet enables one to resist all the forms of dietary disorders. A high-quality Diet is a double-edged sword that can act as an immunity system as well as providing the necessary nutritional requirements for metabolism. Just like improved and monitored dietetic habits and socialization has accounted for life longevity of the Ikarian people. Dossey, 2013) Nutritional transition practices will minimize the risk of some chronic diseases e.g. cardiovascular arrest. Exercise plays a vital role in avoiding chronic disease. Social and economic stability play pivotal roles in achieving self-care. Hence leads to true happiness. (Moore.et.al 2010) concentrating on personal interests is the concrete living of showing that one cares for their life. Self-care entails maximization of personal priorities despite the impact on others. Eliminating liabilities ensures economic strength; a component of a successful life The art of extreme self-care posit that, having an excellent relationship with the environment and emotional security is also an input in developing a flourishing life. Moreover, developing a good defense strategy will lead to achieving personal priority. (Moore.et.al, 2010).


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