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How has the Canadian state regulated/limited the shape of families?

WSTA01 Concept Log Assignment
The concept: “How has the Canadian state regulated/limited the shape of families?” Choose one of the following articles to provide an example.
from the readings that I uploaded to the account:
1) Kulusic
2) Dua – Gender relations in global perspective 109-121
3) Mulé – Same Sex Marriage and Canadian Relationship Recognition
The purpose of the Concept Log is: To evaluate your reading comprehension, your ability to synthesize ideas, and your ability to express those ideas
For the concept, you need to explain the significance of the concept – which means that you both need to define it, and say why/how it is important within the article.
To do that, try to answer these questions: Why is the author telling us about this thing? What is the larger relevance of the concept, particularly in relation to gender? Explaining the concept might mean providing an example from the article, and it might also mean some combination of direct quotation from the article that I provide (using quotation marks, and a citation with page number) and paraphrasing (paraphrasing means taking an author’s ideas and putting them in your own words; it doesn’t require the use of quotation marks, but does still mean you need a citation to indicate the page/s where the author has written about the ideas).
– 2 page
– 1”, 12 pt Times New Romans
– Cover pages are NOT necessary

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