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Explain why financial statements are important to stakeholders

the 2010 10-K report of JetBlue Airways is as follows:
Note 10—Employee Retirement Plan
We sponsor a retirement savings 401(k) defined contribution plan, or the Plan, covering all of our employees. In 2010, we matched 100% of our employee contributions up to 5% of their compensation in cash, which vests over five years of service measured from an employees hire date. Participants are immediately vested in their voluntary contributions.

Another component of the Plan is a profit sharing contribution. In 2007, we amended the Plan to provide for a Company discretionary contribution of at least 5% of eligible non-management employee compensation. These contributions vest 100% after three years of service measured from an employees hire date. Our total contributions expensed for the Plan in 2010, 2009 and 2008 were $55 million, $48 million and $43 million, respectively. Profit sharing amounts exceeding the minimum contribution per the Plan may be paid to employees in cash. In 2010, the profit sharing contribution slightly exceeded the 5% of eligible employee compensation, and we plan to allow employees to elect whether they want to receive the amount exceeding the 5% as a cash payment or as an additional contribution to their 401(k) account.
This note is important because it discloses information about obligations the company has under its employee retirement plan. In addition to matching 5% of employee contributions, the company also provides payments to employees based on profits. This information is important to stakeholders, including stockholders, as it shows that JetBlue does share its profits with employees and this may help in attracting and retaining good employees. It also denotes a financial obligation for the firm.

Click here to view JetBlue’s full report as obtained from http://investor.jetblue.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=131045&p=irol-reportsAnnual.


Using the 10-K report of a public company (preferably an aviation business) find an example of a Note to the financial statements. This Note will be found beneath the financial statements and labeled as a Note. Do not confuse it with other sections of the 10-K report which disclose important information, but are not Notes to the financial statements.

Provide the details of the Note and explain why this information is important to stakeholders (stockholders, employees, inventors, etc.).
Please, provided the details of the note as well as a link to the full 10-K statement.
Also, provided evidence of their own understanding of why Notes are important to a financial statement and a valid interpretation of the actual Note su


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