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Explain how to maintain quality candidates with increased hiring quantity.

How to maintain quality candidates with increased hiring quantity

The thesis of the paper will be the diagnosis and recommended solution of a management problem as applied to the student’s current place of work, previous place of work, or publicly traded company.

1. Title Page

The title page should contain the name of the project and all other information required on a standard APA title page. The title page should be numbered “1”.

2. Table of Contents

The table of contents is a listing of everything contained in the paper and where it is located in the document. Papers that contain a variety of charts and figures may also have a table of exhibits listing their titles and page numbers within the report. The Table of Contents begins with the paper and develops as the paper does.

3. Abstract

This section presents an abbreviated overview of the entire paper for quick management skimming (a maximum of 120 words). The abstract should be on a page by itself numbered “3”.

4. Introduction

This section of the paper must be “introduced” as a major heading (centered) entitled Introduction. Essentially, the introduction “introduces” the project and describes the purpose of the paper and what will be accomplished through completion of the project. This section should be no more than 1-2 pages.

5. Background

This section provides background information on the organization which should be limited to no more than one page.

6. Problems and Opportunities (SWOT)

This section summarizes the main problems and opportunities facing the organization. Some questions to consider in this section include: (1) What is a SWOT analysis? Provide a scholarly definition. (2) Why is it done? and (3) What does the SWOT analysis tell you about the viability of your particular organization and industry? Once you have completed the SWOT analysis, using critical thinking, you should provide a summary of your findings.

7. Perceived Management Problem

What is the management problem you have diagnosed at your organization? Define the problem using scholarly research. Be specific and include details.

8. Literature Review of Problem

This section provides the research data from which the student will draw new meanings and apply critical thinking. This part should be rich in relevant information from scholarly sources. This portion of the paper should be at least six (6) pages in length.

9. Recommended Solution

This section provides the best recommended solution to the organizational problem and it must reflect your findings in your literature review.

10. Summary

This section should be the culmination of your analysis and critical thinking about the organization, the management problem that you identified, and the recommended solution to that problem. It should be rich with your own thoughts, analysis, and interpretation. It should endeavor to persuade the reader that you have completely analyzed the situation and recommended the best solution in order for the organization to thrive and move forward in a positive manner. Remember, this portion fully states the case concerning why the particular situation exists and what can be done to rectify it.

11. References

The only mandatory item that should be included here is a list of all relevant references sources used in the construction of your plan. A minimum of twenty-five (25) references are required.

12. Appendix

This section includes any additional information or documents relevant to the paper. It may also include any graphs, charts, or other supplements. Each Appendix has its own page and must have the title on the top of the page and the citation of source on the bottom. Do not forget to include this citation in the References page.


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