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Discuss the Type 2 diabetes mellitus as a global issue .

The topic of the project is “Type 2 diabetes mellitus as a global issue ” that is relevant to physical therapy , community or personal interests.

Remember, the primary focus of your presentation must be global health care so be sure to cover the global aspects of “Type 2 diabetes mellitus as a global issue “.

you should cover the global incidence of the disease, the impact of culture on the disease, how different regions of the world are addressing the disease, international initiatives, etc…). Limit yourself to 25 slides (not including title slide and references slides).

The presentation should be presented in Microsoft PowerPoint (do not use Open Office Impress) and should include each of the following:

The objectives of your presentation.

Why the topic is of importance and basic introductory information on the topic.

Key concepts of the topic described in detail.

How to apply the information to your clinical practice/life in your community.

Conclusion and discussion provoking question for your peers.

References should be in APA format. Use at least 8 references within 10 years old OR less, with at least 4 being from current, peer reviewed journals.

You should use the notes section below each PowerPoint slide to elaborate on information presented in the slide and/or you may include Word documents (handouts) to supplement your presentation.


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