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Discuss the Two Genres: Gangsta Rap and New Country.


Two Genres: Gangsta Rap and New Country.

Three Issues: Sexuality, Social Class and Gender.

To prepare for this assignment, consider the following guidelines for selecting the genres and issues to analyze:

• Consider which issues tend to be major themes for the genres you choose.

• Analyze how consistently the genres portray certain issues. You may find that many texts within a certain genre address one issue with great uniformity, while they differ for other issues. Although your paper should recognize differences between specific texts within a genre (do not attempt to gloss them over), you should overall aim to characterize the genre as a whole.

• Since the paper will have a comparison/contrast analysis, look for genres between which you expect to find either strong differences or similarities.

The assignment:

• In a 1-page paper, write 2 or 3 paragraphs explaining the genres and the issues you plan to analyze and the factors that influenced your decision. Support your assertions by making at least 2 references, in proper APA format, to relevant academic sources.


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