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Discuss the Stakeholder Analysis Worksheet .

Complete the Stakeholder Analysis Worksheet attached.

Choose a company of choice (one that you are familiar with) or ‘create your own’ company in theory and complete the worksheet based on a hypothetical analysis for a minimum of 5 different stakeholders/stakeholder groups.

Stakeholders/Stakeholder Groups you can choose from are:




-Customers or consumers

-Lenders and creditors


-Service professionals

-Dealers, distributors and franchisees

-Business organizations


-Joint-venture participants

-Non-government organizations


-Educational institutions

-Religious groups


-Service, fraternal, cultural and ethnic associations

-The Media


These stakeholder groups are detailed in the document attached- Identifying Stakeholders.

Submissions must be typed in a word document, either in a table form or a separate description for each of the 5 stakeholders/groups. if external sources are used, they must be properly referenced in APA format.


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