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Discuss the Smart goal Obtain certification in oncology.

Smart goal Obtain certification in oncology
The purpose of this assignment is to develop a SMART-formatted goal related to your professional leadership applicable to your current practice setting or future leadership aspirations. This goal is about YOUR leadership development, not those of the organization or the department where you work. Many organizations have developed the SMART-goal framework as they strive for performance improvement. Your goal may tie to one of the departmental or organizational SMART goals but the components of the goal are about YOUR leadership development The Institute of Medicine’s quality initiative has identified five core healthcare profession competencies. This assignment focuses on only two of those initiatives. Either Patient-Centered Care or Working in Interdisciplinary and/or Interprofessional Teams will serve as a framework for identification of YOUR leadership SMART goal.

Review the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) core healthcare competencies. Select ONE of the competencies that you will work on for developing a Leadership SMART Goal. You are to select one of the following competencies for YOUR SMART goal.

Managing Patient-Centered Care or

Working in interdisciplinary and/or interprofessional teams;

S – Specific (Who besides YOU is involved in the goal, what is YOUR goal, where will it take place?)

M – Measurable (How are YOU going to achieve the goal?) Be specific with measureable outcomes.

A – Attainable (What resources and/or experts are available to assist YOU with attaining YOUR goal?)

R – Realistic (Is YOUR goal something that is realistically obtainable in YOUR professional practice?) Be specific.

T – Time bound (What specific dates or weeks will YOU accomplish each task related to your leadership goal?)

• Example NOT in SMART format: I will learn how to be a manager. This goal is lofty, not measurable, and unattainable in the time allotted, probably not realistic, and not time bound.

• Example in SMART Format: I will learn the disciplinary process of an employee who has excessive absences, by locating the organization’s attendance policy and meeting with the unit manager, reviewing peer-reviewed articles and credible websites to obtain information on the disciplinary process by Week 4 (or specified date).

Note: This particular example relates to Core Competency: Managing Patient-Centered Care.

This example is a SMART goal that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound.


o Who- Your name, or “I” Indicate others who may be involved.

o What- Learn the disciplinary process of employees who have excessive absences

o Where- Your organization


o How: Through locating the organization’s attendance policy and passing a quiz on the content of the policy.


o Resources and/or Expert: Meeting with the unit manager, reviewing peer-reviewed articles, and credible websites


o Realistically obtainable: Access to the organization, policies, and unit manager. Various resources are available.

T-Time bound

o Specific dates: By Week 4 (or specific date)

2. Go to the Chamberlain library (http://library.chamberlain.edu) and search the databases (under Menu tab) to locate scholarly articles related to your SMART goal. Also, search for credible websites to gain insight into how to accomplish your goal.

3. Construct a plan of action to reach My Leadership SMART goal. Be specific by creating a timeline of when you plan on doing each action; explain how, when, and where you plan to communicate with an expert; and identify specific resources you will use to help you achieve your goal.

a. Example Plan of Action for above mentioned example:

o Seek approval to review the organization’s policies and schedule a meeting/interview with the unit manager by _____ (fill in date).

o Review the policies on disciplinary action by _____ (fill in date).

o Review the American Nurses Association website and peer-reviewed articles in the American Journal of Nursing and Journal of Advanced Nursing by _____ (fill in date).

o Evaluate the findings from the above resources by _____ (fill in date). Pass the quiz.

4. Write a scholarly paper that follows APA formatting guidelines. Organize your content logically and express your thoughts clearly. Use appropriate headers to separate sections of your paper. Check for any grammar or spelling errors before submission.

5. Submit your completed NR 447 My Leadership SMART Goal paper, which should be approximately six pages (excluding title page and references


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