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Discuss the effects of bullying in colleges.

bullying victims:the effects last into college
this paper must be written in 3rd person

http://thecyberbullyingproblem.wikispaces.com/file/view/69712619.pdf <<< this is the essay i have to write about (this is the website)

1. what is the title of the article?who are the authorsintroduce topic and discuss the problem being studied.what is the research question being posed by the study?(opening paragraph)

2.discuss previous findings.see the section called review of current literature.what does past research suggest regarding bullying? give researches of previous studies credit(one paragraph)

3.what is the study’s hypothesis? this may not be clearly stated,but rather implied.(one paragraph

4.what is the research method being used?describes in detail the procedure for tis study.what is the population?sample recruitment? is the analysis quantitative or qualitative?explain

5.what are the major findings of the study? use or discussion section for assistance.d thr researchers find support for their hypothesis? why or why not use conclusion section for assistance{two paragraph)

6. is this study vaild? does it measure what it states it will? reliable? think about what previous research has shown. why or why not? show me you understand what these two terms mean(one paragraph

7. writing quality


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