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Discuss the effects of applying Psycho therapeutic Theory to Clinical Supervision.

Applying Psycho therapeutic Theory to Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervisees have their own unique biography and history, just as individual clients do in the clinical counseling relationship. These factors of biography and history can influence how supervision occurs and the ways in which the supervisor responds to the supervisee. The uniqueness of each supervisee can also determine which interventions are most appropriate for the clinical supervisor to use.

To prepare for this assignment:

•Review Case Study: Naomi and think about psychotherapeutic theories of supervision.

•Think about how psychotherapeutic theories inform supervision practice.

•Think about one psychotherapeutic theory that you would consider adopting as a foundation for your clinical supervision with Naomi, and one theory that you would not select as a foundation for your clinical supervision with her.

•Consider how each of these theories would inform your clinical supervision when working with Naomi.

•Select at least two of articles in the Application section of this week’s Learning Resources to inform your Application Assignment.

•Conduct an academic literature search for at least one additional scholarly article related to the application of psychotherapeutic theory to clinical supervision. (Therefore, your Application Assignment should reference a minimum of three scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals.)

•Consider whether there would be diversity considerations to keep in mind when working with Naomi.

The assignment: (2–3 pages)

•Select one psychotherapeutic theory that you would be most likely to adopt when working with Naomi as a clinical supervisor and one theory you are least likely to adopt. Explain why.

•Apply each of these theories to Case Study: Naomi.

•Explain how components of each theory would apply to the case study.

•Finally, explain any diversity considerations you might encounter when working with Naomi and how you would address these issues.


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