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Demonstrate a systematic understanding and critical evaluation of the key aspects of the strategic management process.

This assignment will assess learning outcomes:

1. Demonstrate a systematic understanding and critical evaluation of the key aspects of the strategic management process;

2. Demonstrate the ability to compare different theories and perspectives of strategic management and use and appraise them appropriately;

3. Critically evaluate theories and concepts of strategic management. Analyses and apply appropriate problem solving techniques plus knowledge learned to solving complex business problems;

4. Demonstrate the ability to communicate complex issues.

The Portfolio: Video Situation

The video to be analysed and to pattern your reaction is provided at:

This is web- link based courseware. From the given web link above you are to view the video as often as you want to create an academic essay as a reaction to the scenario presented in the video. This portfolio is one of the components of the 25% weighted assessment.

Portfolio Tasks:

• The case in the video is one of the portfolio exercises given to you.

• Answer the assigned task using the essay format. Structure is given below.

• Introductory paragraph should provide a brief profile of the video-case, should state the position of the video-case in the model of the elements of strategic management and the objective/aim of the task.

• In the main body you should use the applicable theory/concept and be able to link it in evaluating the video.

• Support your analysis/discussion with evidences from the video presented and relevant theories.

• Prepare a conclusion of your essay.

• Acknowledge the contributors of your work according to the Harvard system of referencing. In-text reference is a must aside from the list of reference provided at the end of your work. You are expected to provide at least 3 reference-sources.

• Provide an appropriate diagram to give a clear illustration of your idea(s), if necessary only.

Structure of this Portfolio:

I. Introduction: (150 words) —————————————————————— 15 marks

Should include the following:

• Relevant theories/concepts about Strategic Management.

• Brief profile of the presented video.

• Objectives of the reaction paper (refer to the portfolio tasks)

II. Reaction and Analysis: (550 words) ——————————————————– 60 Marks

Should include the following:

1. Critical reaction and analysis of the scenario presented in the video through the following:

a. Assessment of the intellectual structure in public education (presented in the video) in terms of Strategic Capabilities.

b. Analysis of the competitive advantage of Human Capacity utilisation as universal learning process. (based on the video)

2. Formulate a strategic development direction for public education with an assumption of changing the paradigm to present a future educational trend.

III. Conclusion: (150 words) ——————————————————– 15 Marks

Provide a summary of the important points of the discussion. It should be drawn according to the objectives of the portfolio mentioned in the introduction.

IV. References: (Minimum of 3 varied sources) ————————- 10 Marks


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