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Critique, Analyze and evaluate The Harlem Zone in reference to Community Psychology.

3 pages rough draft
• Critique, Analyze and evaluate The Harlem Zone in reference to Community Psychology
• Use outline to write the 7 page paper with references and work cited
“Community Psychology deals with the very best of our human tendencies – to care for an nurture each other through life’s adversities, bond with others, and value our linkages to one another” (Moritsugu, 2003). When you think about it, this can really cover a lot of different aspects of life.
What specifically about Community Psychology (CP) interests you? Help for children of proverty
The paper can is an in-depth critique of a preexisting CP intervention program, The Harlem Children’s Zone a review of a study focused on the unifying theme, and/or identify and explain an area of CP that they may have not yet addressed; but peaks your interest. Write a short essay that critically analyzes the existing community intervention program.

Previously submitted an outline (SEE BELOW) research project. In this paper you will expand upon the outline and create a full rough draft of the research project. As you create your rough draft, be sure to include all of the outlined information. Include references page at this time, must have in-text citations
• At least 5 academic sources properly cited in a References page.
• Proper APA in-text citations throughout the paper.
• A Title page.
• A clear introduction complete with a thesis statement.
• A conclusion that includes a short summary of your paper and your findings.
The Harlem Children’s Zone
I. The Harlem Children’s Zone is a national non-profit community national model, birthed out of a need to break the cycle of generation poverty and give children the abilities to run after the America dreams. The driving force behind the intervention program is a belief that the success of the children, adults and the strength of the community exists together and are connected to each other. The ultimate goal of the program is college graduation, a national model and leaders in the fields of education, health, and crime deterrence and community development to fight against poverty .
HCZ is a national program which has developed a series of groundbreaking programs designed to address the needs of children and their communities
o A. Information about the work
 1. The Harlem Children’s Zone
 2. Geoffrey Canada is an American educator, social activist and author with goal to helping children and families in Harlem, as he advocate for education reform.
 3. Publication information
 4. The purpose of this paper is to give an in-depth critique of the HCZ national modeled intervention program. This is an educational program which provide a platform to aid, sponsor and interject into the communities of improvised children and adults in Harlem, New York
o B. Despite education issues to combat poverty, HCZ also must deal with heath, crime rate, and failing schools in the communities. The Harlem Children Zone is best understood as an intervention program targeting children and adults to transform communities with issues resulting from poverty. Because it’s main programs is to create a stable environment and even the playing field for those in the improvised neighborhoods. Enacting a foundational change in the children while giving the children support at every level of development.
• II.
o Historical context/information regarding the central matter of the paper.
o Prior research focusing on this matter.
• III.
o Community Psychology’s involvement in this specific matter.
o Successful intervention/prevention strategies centering on the matter.
o Possible approaches for new strategies to better address the matter.

• Summary: The aims of the Harlem Children’s Zone targets children of improvised communities of Harlem New York. The focus of the programs are children’s education, health and every developmentally important aspect of children’s lives as they grow to adulthood. Even though, the HCZ does not cover all economically and socially cover problem faced by every child and family. However, work together to build avenues for a successful futures support and creative efforts as a whole.

The summary should include a central topic sentence and a short description of how you plan to relay your thoughts and findings concerning your subject. Since this project will involve outside research, state how you plan to perform this research and how you will go about locating sources. Overall, your goal is to convey the ways in which your paper will not only be researched, but also how it will reflect the central ideas and values of Community Psychology.


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